About me


Me on log (about me)People on dating websites always say that the about me section is the hardest bit. What’s interesting about me? What makes me unique?  I think that writing an about me section on here is very similar to writing a dating profile; I’m trying to give you an insight into my life, who I am and what I love. So here we go, here is the hardest bit:

Hi there, I’m Nikki, I’m 23 years old and I’m a Public Relations student who has just finished a yearlong marketing and events internship. I live in London (I love it here!) but, will soon be moving back to my parent’s house in the Kent countryside. I absolutely love living in the city, being from the middle of no- where (no takeaways would even deliver to us – yes, that middle of nowhere!) has meant that I appreciate having everything on my doorstep. Hanging out in the quirky coffee shops and bars in town are two of my favourite things to do. Apart from heading into town I also love yoga, discovering new places, baking cakes and reading everything from blogs and magazines to the classics. I’m also a huge animal fan, my favourite being a penguin but seen as I’m not allowed one of those I have an adorable ball of fun in dog form called Alfie. He lives with my parents but I literally can’t wait to get a dog of my own!

A brief introduction to me 🙂 I should probably also tell you what I’m planning on writing this blog about… It will be a mix of baking, eating and lifestyle, with a few mojito’s thrown in for good measure. I’m really excited about writing this and hope you enjoy reading it.

Much love