Chocolate, banana and strawberry smoothie

Chocolate, strawbery and banana smoothieI have been wanting to make smoothies for ages but due to the lack of a blender, I never have. The nagging feeling that I would use it once and it would never leave the cupboard again prevented me from buying one. Since I’ve moved back to my parents (there is a blender!) I have been going mad with them. I’ve made this one pretty much every day since I moved home. It just tastes so good! I’m having it for my breakfast and am actually finding that I wake up looking forward to its rich chocolaty goodness. Fruit in blender Ingredients:

150ml chocolate soy milk

handful of strawberries (about 5/6)

1 banana

170ml Greek yoghurt

1 tablespoon peanut butter


1) Chop up the fruit

2) Throw everything in a blender

3) Serve

How easy is that?! A delicious and easy breakfast that can’t be too far off two of your five a day.