5 Instagrams you should be following

InstagramOn the journey home from Leeds yesterday I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the Instagram accounts that I am totally in love with. I personally cannot go a day without trawling through photo’s of: outfits Vogue’s stylist would be proud of, cakes that could have been made by Mary Berry herself and yoga poses that wouldn’t look out of place in the circus. Here are 5 of my recent favourite Instagram accounts:


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1.joyharris1 – Some of her creations look too good to eat.

2. livelovebake_ – This Brisbane based bakery know how to pipe spectacular buttercream roses.

New #london. 🌈

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3. shinythoughts – London based fashion and lifestyle blogger who’s not shy of a bit of colour.

4. thesugaryshrink – This full time therapist’s icing is flawless.

5. riva_g – Beautifully strong yoga poses in stunning scenery.


About me


Me on log (about me)People on dating websites always say that the about me section is the hardest bit. What’s interesting about me? What makes me unique?  I think that writing an about me section on here is very similar to writing a dating profile; I’m trying to give you an insight into my life, who I am and what I love. So here we go, here is the hardest bit:

Hi there, I’m Nikki, I’m 23 years old and I’m a Public Relations student who has just finished a yearlong marketing and events internship. I live in London (I love it here!) but, will soon be moving back to my parent’s house in the Kent countryside. I absolutely love living in the city, being from the middle of no- where (no takeaways would even deliver to us – yes, that middle of nowhere!) has meant that I appreciate having everything on my doorstep. Hanging out in the quirky coffee shops and bars in town are two of my favourite things to do. Apart from heading into town I also love yoga, discovering new places, baking cakes and reading everything from blogs and magazines to the classics. I’m also a huge animal fan, my favourite being a penguin but seen as I’m not allowed one of those I have an adorable ball of fun in dog form called Alfie. He lives with my parents but I literally can’t wait to get a dog of my own!

A brief introduction to me 🙂 I should probably also tell you what I’m planning on writing this blog about… It will be a mix of baking, eating and lifestyle, with a few mojito’s thrown in for good measure. I’m really excited about writing this and hope you enjoy reading it.

Much love